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All prices are quoted on receipt of your enquiry. The price is based on the filter size, please give details of your filter, either by email or by telephone. Please ask any questions by email, this will give us a record of your enquiry. This is important for future business.

Payment is due prior to return shipping, or delivery,  unless credit has been pre-approved. Payment can be made by using the methods below.

  • Cash
  • Cheque

Payment Terms:
The balance of payment will be due in cleared funds before collection of vehicles.

Any queries need to be in writing (please be sure to keep a copy).

Time Between Cleaning:
DPF Cleaning Services cannot control the time between cleaning and makes no guarantees. Filters can become blocked within hours of cleaning if the engine is malfunctioning, most important is engine temperature control. Filters operate best when in favourable conditions.

Packaging For Transportation:
DPF filters are very expensive and should be treated with maximum care. The filter should be placed in a package suitable for transportation allowing for rough handling.

Your filter will be returned to you in the packaging you sent it in, if we feel that the packaging is not strong enough for the return we will supply new packaging at an on-cost to you, the owner.

We advise to use strong boxes rather than bags.

Return transport costs will be added to your invoice.

Inspection And Testing:
DPF Cleaning Services inspect and test the filter at every step of the cleaning process, this is to ensure the best results obtainable.

Cleaning Results:
While every effort will be made to give the best results we can not guarantee that we can achieve full recovery of the filter. The primary source of failure is unusual thermal events.

Allowing the filter to crust internally, failure of the cell walls or melting the ceramic sub-strait will render the filter ineffective.

Filters can be damaged by dropping them or excessive oil soaking caused by a worn engine. Due to design and materials used in manufacture some filters stand a higher temperature.

Sending Your Filters:
We accept filters by freight or by drop off at our depot. After cleaning we will return your own filter by your chosen method.

Filter Life:
Filter life depends on how filters are maintained which includes regular servicing. Ash left in the filter can compact and make cleaning more difficult because the ash solidifies into a form of clinker, this blocks cells in the filter preventing total operation and allows faster blocking in the future.


About Us

We are based in Horsham, West Sussex and work within the LLEZ London low emission zone. We specialise in DPF filter installations on trucks, coaches, vans and specialised vehicles. Our after sales offers a filter cleaning service to maintain the best operation of your vehicles we clean silicon carbide and active cordite filters. Most filter are cleaned best by using a high heat to burn the blocked filter deposits (ie soot and particulates), this process leaves ash and burnt soot which we then give a pulse cleaning cycle.

London Low Emission Zone (LLEZ)

London Low Emission ZoneThe Low Emission Zone (LEZ) was introduced in 2008 to encourage the most polluting heavy diesel vehicles driving in the Capital to become cleaner. The LEZ covers most of Greater London. To drive within it without paying a daily charge, these vehicles must meet certain emissions standards that limit the amount of particulate matter (a type of pollution) coming from their exhausts.

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